Bob R Bogle

Bob R BogleBob R Bogle has been a cell biologist, an oceanographer, a clinical chemist, a histocompatability technologist, a hematologist, a microbiologist, and a transfusion medicine technologist. He’s a fan of James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, and all matters Southern. Memphis Blues Again is his first book with Ouroboros Independent Books.

Adam Mieczyński

Adam MieczyńskiAdam Mieczyński was a student in Translation Studies at the University of Gdańsk. A translator by day, by night he pursues his true passion: writing. Though born and living in Poland, Adam writes in English and hopes one day to settle in London. Hobbies include: travel, music, literature and seafood. Tierra Templada is his first book.

S Falcon MacDowell

S Falcon MacDowell

Born in Alabama, S Falcon MacDowell grew up in Louisiana, Mississippi and Missouri, and presently resides in southern Arizona. He has driven trucks and worked shrimp boats, and taught English, history and creative writing at high school and college levels. Interests include hiking and astronomy.

OIB publications:

  • Dreambuckles, Turnpigs & Interpretations of Style
  • Ecstasy Bound and Bedridden:  White Chocolate Delight
  • The Swan’s Coconut Cream Eyes
  • The Gardenias of Octogenarian Insights

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